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Welcome To Our Online Baby Boutique

If you are hesitating about which present to choose for a newborn, if you would like to make a special gift, if you are tired of traditional toys and rompers to be presented – we can help you! online boutique has extraordinary and useful solutions.

We offer fabulous brand-name baby clothing, toys and natural products that have been selected for our Luxury Baby Baskets. We shop around North America and the world designer clothing, eco-friendly, 100% soft cotton products and we love sharing this passion with you!


Are you celebrating the arrival of a bundle of joy? Whether you just became a parent, uncle or aunt or really want to congratulate someone, you can’t go wrong with baby gift baskets. These come packed with useful items, cute accessories and contain everything that a new parent could need.

Help ease others into parenthood and give a thoughtful, useful gift with the help of our baby gift baskets in Toronto. At Baby, you can find themed and custom-made gift baskets that are suited for any occasion.

Gift Baskets for Any Occasion

Whether there are twins, a baby boy, baby girl or you just want to celebrate a baby shower, you can easily get the perfect gift basket in our inventory. We have a huge selection of baby gifts that suit any occasion. Even neutral-themed gift baskets are available in our inventory. You won’t find such a great collection baby gift baskets in Toronto!

High Quality Products

All our gift baskets are created with the utmost attention to quality and care. All baby toys and clothes are of the highest quality and from recognized brand names. We make sure to offer options that are eco-friendly and made from 100% cotton. We understand that babies have sensitive skin, which is why we pay close attention to quality when curating products for the baby gift baskets.

Shipping Available in Canada

Baby offers free gift basket delivery in Canada and USA based on your purchase. Our vast network ensures that you can shop online with ease and get the gifts delivered straight to your door. Moreover, all orders that exceed $50 get to enjoy free delivery to any address in the USA or Canada. With our fast shipping services, you will get your order delivered for any event with ease.

Suited for Any Budget

When it comes to our baby gift baskets, the budget is the last thing you need to worry about. We offer personalization, customization and the freedom to pick and choose from different gift basket packages that are perfect for any budget. With affordable options available at Baby, you will be able to find the best baby gift without any worries.

Get in Touch With Us

For personalization, customization and other information about our baby gift baskets, please get in touch with us. You can call us on 1 888 544 8978 or send us an email at Our team of experts can help answer your questions and guide you in picking the best gift for the little baby in your life!


1. Present Preparedness

You shouldn’t combine a present yourself, it is already done. There is no need for you to search for clothes, toys, blankets, and other gift items separately. A basket contains everything a baby may need.

2. Stylishness

Each basket contains thoroughly selected products fitting each other. You will surely surprise the newborn parents with such a smart and charming present.

3. Baby Needs Suitability

If you are not a parent and have no imagination about what a baby may need but still have to make a gift – don’t worry! We gather the most suitable and necessary things a baby will be sure to use.

4. High Quality

We guarantee the top-notch quality of all the basket components. online boutique selects only the best brands in each category.

5. Your Budget Optimization

Of course, if you buy a few products separately it will take more of your money. Moreover, making orders from different websites and sellers, you have to pay for delivery each time. We offer you a convenient opportunity to make a single purchase containing a range of useful products at an extremely attractive price!


To tell the truth, we try to collect almost everything a newborn may need into the gift baskets. A large variety of clothes, bedding, toys, books, and much more. Ok, a bit slowly


– Clothes (casual clothing units and holiday ones)

– Toys (plush, bathing toys, teethers, etc.)

– Books

– Baby albums

– Bedclothes, blankets, plaids, linens

Bath stuff (bathroom linens, clothes, etc.)

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